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LFM Guild Master

4th May 2009, 12:38


LFM Guild Master

Fellow hamburgers waiting to happen,

Last night's events made me think (yes that does happen once and a while !).

Some of us have repeatedly voiced the feeling of boredom and lack of progress.
We have tried different approaches to motivate the troops for some more coordinated group endeavours to not much avail.
We have tried recruiting to not much avail.
We have seen an evolution of people just doing dailies or random events or mainly pugging heroics and raids (often obviously because we don't get things organized ourselves).
We have attempted to get more individuals in different roles with some modest success.

No, we are not a serious raiding guild and we all have lives so it is to be expected that people can't always turn up for things.
No, we are not a serious raiding guild that says omg wtf n00b go die in a corner with that gear and where is your achievement, you slacker.
No, we don't mind failing as long as we have fun and try our best.

However, if nobody is going to care or at least make an effort to gear up or get involved in one way or another, what is the point of this game anyway ?
What is the point in levelling to level 80 and not trying to see some of the available content ? Or as much as possible ?
Yes it can be fun just to slack and hang out and wear silly hats and do train emotes mounted on mechanical chickens and yes it can be fun to collect eggs or beat up orphans and get bizar achievements and dito titles, but is there no common goal we want to set ourselves as a guild anymore ?
what is it that we want to do in our gameplay together ? If anything at all ?

Our GM has retired because of this and although I personally find that the form he chose was a little harsh, I understand his frustration very well, because I share it.
Trying to get anything done/organised in this guild feels like moving mountains barehanded. If irritation and annoyment outweigh the enjoyment gained from gaming it is time to end it.

Therefore I hereby offer the seat of GM to the highest bidder or on general consensus.

/ Bis

P.S. : Stump, get your arse back in here ! It's not because we're an inadequate bunch of retarded spastics that you can just abandon us !

4th May 2009, 19:46


LFM Guild Master

I accidently pressed a link and my wall of text disappeared...
This is my third attempt, wrote at work also but had to rush away and actually work so some happened there also.

What I did wrote in whole is that Cowstress never was the big guild or had the urge to be a big raiding guild (amirigt?)
If people wants to play/see more more we have to do serious recruiting and the history of that hasnt been successful. Frostmane has to many of good raiding guilds to chose from, and our happy mood/crazyness might not be enough to draw ppl in here.

I say moar ppl to get moar things going, well I hope thats enough.
For my own playtime (which is not that much tbh I just play to socialize and have some fun).
Some talked about going into ACP and merge, not just be the outside fillers. That is one way to solve the boredom and get things going, I dont say disband CS but the "mains" maybe should get going on another track for the future.

Well that was in short, what I had in mind.

/The Outsider of Outsiders

PS. We need a preview function. DS

8th May 2009, 01:15


LFM Guild Master

Haven't said a lot as as you all know I fit in the category of slackyness and like to laff at stuff and try not to get to stressed by a game.My thoughts for what they are worth is have a total rethink on recruitment,if you want to do nax ect just let anybody join! They dont have to come on ts although they can if they want.We have our little mates gang and I dont think we will find (as has proved in the past) many people that we want playing l4d pro evo and general drunkeness with us.So give all our main players the add member button and let them stick in any1 that wants in and see how it goes.If we end up with a bunch of cock heads we can always kick and rethink.Take the ts channel number of and just give it out to any recruits who seem ok for when we go raiding.

8th May 2009, 08:49


LFM Guild Master

gazza said:
So give all our main players the add member button and let them stick in any1 that wants in and see how it goes.If we end up with a bunch of cock heads we can always kick and rethink.

This might work the short way, but in the long way is can be destructing for a small tight guild as CS.
People start smacktalking about CS as a guild that keep kicking ppl just because "small" faults.
But if we are to grow, to be able to guildrun things again it require some quick big recruiting.
Cant we convince Cairnso to come back Roll eyes

8th May 2009, 09:55


LFM Guild Master

Hmmm almost didnt post this as I no a couple of you aren't to fond but heres an email I just recieved from Pete

Here's the situation:
I need something to keep me interesting in the game so I'll renew my subscription in 28 days and
Cliff doesn't want to be the only guild member if I do leave.
It's not fair on Cliff for me to leave and it's not fair on him if I stay and the guild does nothing but
repeat dailies whilst we wait for new content.

So can you ask if there's any slots for us in CowStress?

Here's the Guild list:

I can provide a Naxx tank/off tank on my Death Knight or level a DPS/Healer with one of my alts.
(Lowest level alt is a Mage at 64.) I'd prefer to heal or DPS to be honest but if an off-tank
is needed I'll do that.

Cliff is DPS geared on his Paladin and his secondary spec is a healer but is yet to heal anywhere
and am not sure of his +Healing stats.

You know where to find us.

8th May 2009, 10:43


LFM Guild Master

gazza said:
So can you ask if there's any slots for us in CowStress?

I'd say yes please come and eat our cakes.
Aglaranna and Tylrdiablos was earlier in CS wasn't they? Seen very old pics of that shaman if i remember correctly, but my memory isn't what it use to be as i'm making my way up the age ladder.

8th May 2009, 15:13


LFM Guild Master

I don't know how relevant this will be at this point, but a chunk of the features available in the Games module for this site (about 2-3 weeks away in it's basic form) may be useful to CowStress in terms of being organised and keeping members informed as to what's happening.

Please see: this thread

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9th May 2009, 17:20


LFM Guild Master

A few things :

- good to do something as a guild again with only 1 pug required last night
- as we discussed on TS : let's welcome Pete (back) and Cliff into CowStress
- Shepp has agreed to become our new GM, his reign starts today
- I was approached by our friends at ACP (as was Stumpy I think) : on top of their offered spots in their monthly Naxx25 they have proposed a guild merger, I'm forwarding the pm I got from Pash to Shepp for further discussion

@ Tal : personal message system doable ? ;-)
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