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- Starfighter for the masses

Starfighter for the masses

15th January 2014, 20:05


Starfighter for the masses

The free to play buggers are now in Starfighter, now is the time to mass farm them ! ;-)


That's me driving a barely upgraded FT-6 Rycer ! Eek

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17th January 2014, 03:28


Starfighter for the masses

COHO2 Is free to play this weekend!
Btw thread hijack Surprised
I like these calm moments before the storm. They remind me of Beethoven.

17th January 2014, 13:04


Starfighter for the masses

Nice shooting Bisi. I haven't been tried any of the new ships yet. I will hopefully have a quick blast tonight.

I am also going to download choho2 again in case it's got good now Smile
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