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Shadow of Revan

7th October 2014, 08:49


Shadow of Revan


Well it looks like there is finally some new content and it looks like there might be enough to give us something to do for a while. But we have to pay for it!

The is 12 speed leveling for Characters, so do I invest the time to get my other chars to Level 55 or cut my loses and give up. When it's in full swing star wars is great, the team work is fantastic but they are very slow bringing in new stuff, we normally complete it in 3 weeks and are then stuck again.


13th October 2014, 10:30


Shadow of Revan

As much as I would like to believe that this time round they will bring content, I'm not buying it anymore.
I think this game had grand potential but it's gone shit, I do not need an appartment on Dromund Kaas or a pink speeder bike, I want more Flashpoints with proper group compositions. I think it a pity but I am done with it.
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