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Article published 31st October 2015, 12:15 by Talarin and last updated 10th February 2018, 23:03

Chaos in Liaedin

Mass war breaks out in the Liaedin system
Chaos in Liaedin Massive military and civil upheaval has upset the delicate political balance in the Liaedin system this week, as Federation and Empire aligned factions face off in the aftermath of the military conflict between Volungu Crimson Fortune Company and Liaedin Patrons Principles. At least two separate conflicts are taking place in the system, resulting in heavily military and civilian casualties.

After high level legal wrangling between Federal and Imperial embassies in the system stalled the potential handover of the Fortress Anderton starport to the VCFC forces who still occupy the planetside installations which supply it, activists from all sides have taken the opportunity to grab power and influence within the system with disastrous consequences in the region.

An imperial spokesman has placed the blame squarely on Federal agitators, but sources for VCFC and LPP has suggested that the true culprits are the Silver Skulls faction, who recently arrived in the system and took control of Kohl Terminal under Imperial edict.

The situation in the system was delicate enough, a LPP source said under the condition of anonymity. The last thing we needed was a paramilitary group being installed in place of the legitimate government especially one with such clearly hostile intent.

A Federation ambassador stated: The historic Delta Aquilae agreement between the Federation and the Empire has always suggested that both sides should have a presence in the system and this unlawful blockage on the transfer of ownership of Fortress Anderton has raised the stakes and profile of this conflict. We have reports that external Imperial auxiliary forces are being drafted in to fight in the conflict, with huge repercussions for all involved. We call on the Empire to withdraw these mercenaries or to deal with the under the full force of the law.

The ambassador added, Normally we abhor slavery, but I can't think of a more fitting fate for those who so recklessly tip us towards the precipice of full scale war.


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