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Article published 25th February 2017, 14:18 by Talarin and last updated 25th February 2017, 14:18

The Beldross War

In the year 2248, an offshoot of Humanity takes it's first steps in an Interstellar war in the defense of a species we don't really like very much.
article_main The year is 2248.

Nearly a century ago, we and others left the Sol system through an experimental wormhole generator - becoming the first humans to travel faster-than-light. The wormhole collapsed behind us, stranding us in a solar system of unknown location. The wormhole never re-opened. We were cut off. Abandoned. Betrayed.

We named our home New Sol. Our new planet was christened Haven. We re-built an economy from scratch, under the sure hand of the Captain of our exploratory ship. We continued this custom; abandoning the democratic heritage of Earth in favour of surer rule under one person - the Overlord.

In 2200 we took our first steps outside of the New Sol system, powered by the Hyperspace network - a pre-built network of routes between solar systems which spans this galaxy. Nearly fifty years later, we have built an empire which spans seven worlds. Our technology has continued to improve. We have exceeded our heritage.

And we now take part in our first inter-stellar war.

To set the scene, we are the Empire of Man - a despotic single-party state. Unfortunately, all of our neighbours - which include the Commonwealth of Man, a military dictatorship - don't really like our attitudes to things like slavery. So, I needed to cultivate allies...
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