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Article published 29th June 2012, 21:46 by Talarin and last updated 29th June 2012, 21:46

Game 1.3 is released!

The force is with Bioware, if not Talarin's poor hard disk drive
article_main Bioware have released the latest major update for their flagship Star Wars MMORPG, to the anticipation of wannabe Han Solos / Wookies / Ewoks across the globe.

The latest update boasts new features such as an easier Group Finder, Ranked Warzones, Legacy Character Perks and customisable gear (allowing social items to be worn as full armour).

The last update has also crippled my computer while it's updating the installation, hence my rare forway into the world of actually updating our website.

See the official website for more details. See you on Hoth, fuzzball!
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