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- Players in Cowstress

Players in Cowstress

30th April 2009, 05:22


Players in Cowstress

First btw Smile
I have always wondered one thing.
How many or should I say few are you lot who keeps together like hibernating maggots through the winter?
I know Tal doesn't belong to the sorry asses drawn into the never ending game called wow.
Have you played earlier but quit,Tal?

30th April 2009, 15:36


Players in Cowstress

By heart :

Bis : Bisilicore / Lagantire / Fabulosa / a few others (admittedly a little less legendary)
Stump : Stumpessa / Ugmilla / Babysham / 7 other chars : all classes over level 40 I think the words 'get a life' come to mind
Flash : Flasheart / Marion / AceRimmer / 24719 chinese macro-botting gold farming chars
Shepp : Treguard / Buzzkill / Taurelius / some others
Gaz : Smidgessa / Smigder / Smidger / note the theme ...
Zort : Zorton / Goldilock / Kru / a lot of ally chars on various servers, he often goes on "business trips"
Ray : Aeglaeca / Swiftpaw / the late Raylene / and some NPC-elite-dragons
Mark : Moocusbison / Reynolds / some others
Mand : Defknight and some other tut tutters in tutus
Aga : Shamash / Abrahamatus / always on a holiday keeping up the blackberitis

Other LS-members are Tal who has never touched WoW because we went Horde in the beginning and he's a bit of a dwarf paladin really, Richie who played WoW a little while but couldn't eat enough cookies whilst playing it, Blackadder who played WoW a little while but decided his hair was more important and Gav who has not got many excuses going for him apart from his Scottish heritage.

So basically we are down to 14 more or less active members of which 10 play warcraft more or less regularly. We've played many different games over the years but the only active ones at this moment are WoW and Left4Dead.

(you shouldn't be calling Stump a maggot all the time, he has personality issues enough as it is !) :p

30th April 2009, 18:23


Players in Cowstress

Raylene said:

Have you played earlier but quit,Tal?

No - I won't play it for fear of getting addicted!
A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

30th April 2009, 19:15


Players in Cowstress

Bisilicum said:
(you shouldn't be calling Stump a maggot all the time, he has personality issues enough as it is !) :p

This is purely unintentional, but now you have awaken the curious little seed inside of me. Make it grow and let it out in the free. What do you mean? A small infection of tapeworms Wink??
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