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  Name Last Update
minilogo La Copa Incredible 13th October 2018
minilogo The Premier League 20th February 2014
minilogo Premiere League 9th September 2013
minilogo The we hate Holland League 31st May 2013

Top Ranked Players for Left 4 Dead 2

Name Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Grim 7 5 0 2 704
Bisilicum 25 19 0 6 556
Cannonfodder 26 17 0 9 552
Shak 18 6 0 12 522
Gazza 13 7 0 6 448

Latest Articles

Left 4 Dead 2

article_main Left 4 Dead creators announce Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios, the mob who created Left 4 Dead, are revisiting their cooperative zombie-shooting days in Back 4 Blood, a name which seems a clear a statement of intent.

h/t: Rockpapershotgun Comments: 2


article_small The Beldross War - seeking friends and enemies

In Stellaris, it's very difficult to go it alone...


article_small The Beldross War

In the year 2248, an offshoot of Humanity takes it's first steps in an Interstellar war in the defense of a species we don't really like very much.

Elite: Dangerous

article_small Chaos in Liaedin

Mass war breaks out in the Liaedin system Comments: 2

Elite: Dangerous

article_small And this is why you don't mess with AI

One player's unfortunate clash with their VoiceAttack AI helper. Comments: 1

Elite: Dangerous

article_small A day in the life of a space hauler

All that fuss over 18 tons of coffee

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally some Star Wars

Customize your own starfighter !

Star Wars: The Old Republic

article_small Game 1.3 is released!

The force is with Bioware, if not Talarin's poor hard disk drive

Battlefield 3

article_small Open Beta closes

They're teasing us by telling us they'll be back on October 25th...

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