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- Death, destruction and the afterlife.

Death, destruction and the afterlife.

20th October 2014, 13:20


Death, destruction and the afterlife.

With our current level of ships and skills, I think with all 3 of us we could blast through level 4 missions at a fair rate.

I don't know what we could earn on a night of solid level 4's but it would be a decent amount, perhaps we can do this to start to build a bit of a fund for when we are doing something risky and to help get rid of the rust. It still hurts when we lose a ship, but if there's a couple of billion in a special corp wallet it's only pride that's hurt.

If we want to go this path I'm happy to do the selling of scrap and loot.

21st October 2014, 13:59


Death, destruction and the afterlife.

Not had a chance to play with it yet, but the Eve Droid app looks pretty good.


27th October 2014, 08:53


Death, destruction and the afterlife.

When do you want to do that, Flashbart ? I'm up for a good session of level 4-ness.
I suggest next Saturday with an early start ? I have a good level 4 agent in the system Motsu.
I"m happy to fly over to your one(s) too though, whichever you want.
I want to go back to level 5's if we can coordinate something, I also want to go back and randomly inflict some vengeance onto people in low-sec ! :-)

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28th October 2014, 09:38


Death, destruction and the afterlife.

Saturday night it is them Smile

The weekend just gone was our big show at work, so things will now start to return to normal. I will spend Friday night setting up a few different ships. The Palladin is set up and ready to go, but I will set a few other different smaller ships too.

Like you I can feel a draw to lowsec, but I can't decide how to go there. I don't want to take a 10 year old char over and be a noob..... I have been reading the forums and oh what a noob i would be. I need to buy a stack of 20 ships and dive in I suppose, but which ship, which char, what part of space and do I take beer !!!!

This is worth a read, I picked up a few tips and also saw that it will be quite some time before I get a kill. This is going to make Star wars PVP seem like playing with Lego!


I have read all 13 pages. It's a good read and She(he) has been good enought to share some of the loadouts used. Still quite a few things in there I don't know how to do, but we will learn. I have subbed both chars as I suspect it will be Evanava that goes in and Flash funding it.
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