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- This looks interesting

This looks interesting

15th June 2015, 23:51


This looks interesting


Very early on in Knights of Fallen Empire, you are frozen in carbonite. When you are awoken, years have passed and you quickly learn that Empire/Republic as you have known have all fallen.

You have to find your old companions and adventure with new companions in a very personal story.
The story picks up right from end of the trailer. You are an Outlander. You can either use existing level 60 characters or create a new level 60 character right from the start.

Brand new companions and new stories with new companions.
New iconic abilities for each class, everything you can expect from a Bioware RPG when you level up.

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26th June 2015, 11:51


This looks interesting

It lookst tempting but I was very underwhelmed last time, it's a maybe for me at this point.
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