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Article published 28th February 2017, 20:33 by Talarin and last updated 28th February 2017, 20:33

The Beldross War - seeking friends and enemies

In Stellaris, it's very difficult to go it alone...
article_main To set the scene of the conflict about to play out, it's important to understand the situation the Empire of Man finds itself in.


To the top right (the purple), the space occupied by the Empire of Man. To our south, some fellow Humans - the Commonwealth of Man. The orange guys, the Beldross Confederated States are literally the only other civilization in the game that even vaguely likes us.

The AI civilizations have a habit of forming large pacts or Federations and even at normal difficulty can be quite aggressive. If enough people in a Federation don't like you and their combined might exceeds yours then you're absolutely going to find yourself in a fight against multiple enemies. The only way to avoid being picked off is to be in a club just as large as theirs or to be so ridiculously powerful that the two opponents would at the least cripple each other - leaving others to pick both sides off.

And I wasn't particularly powerful. My space fleet is small, albeit technologically advanced compared to my rivals. As the Commonwealth of Man started to make alliances with the Cevanti Imperium (light blue, bottom left) and the Accord of Pultran'Ogg (darker blue, middle left) and started making increasing aggressive diplomatic overtures - I knew that I needed allies and quickly.

So I did the only realistic option I could conceive of in the shorter term - I made a mutual defense pact with the Beldross League. And in doing so, I guaranteed that I would be dragged into a war which I could not effectively fight.
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