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Left 4 Dead

article_main "Dead Air" Movie Oddness.

Miguel, from the Dominican Republic, was at work the other day when he was confronted by a man selling pirated movies. Normally, no big deal, Miguel says, happens all the time. But this time was special.
Click for a very familiar looking DVD cover. Comments: 3

Left 4 Dead

article_small NES Style L4D In 8 Bit Glory

Video, info and download link after the jump.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Gets 4v4 Matchmaking Update

Left 4 Dead Adds 4v4 Competitive Matchmaking (And L4D2 Demo Expands). Talarin also gives full details on the update from the HLDS list.

Lowstress Thread Comments: 2

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